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Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. No.24

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"Concrete Poetry at the Brighton ('67) Festival: a record in photographs by Graham Keen (England)"

Photographs of Morgan's work are on pp.6-7: "poster with Festive permutational poem" and "bus window with section of the Festive permutational poem" (the latter reads "tingling sand diva").

Other poets represented include Eugen Gomringer, publisher of Starryveldt, Hansjörg Mayer, publisher of Emergent Poems, and Ian Hamilton Finlay, the publisher of Poor. Old. Tired. Horse.

A version of Morgan's "permutational poem" can be found in The Order of Things: an anthology of Scottish sound, pattern and concrete poetry (2001).

"Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. [was] the magazine which [Ian Hamilton] Finlay edited in 25 numbers from 1962 to 1967. (…) There was no minimalist or even miniaturist gospel, but the magazine's title did tip its hat to Robert Creeley, from whose poem 'Please' (in A Form of Women, 1959) it is taken, and Creeley does stand for certain cat-like and anti-large preoccupations (…) It undoubtedly succeeded in its aim of opening Scotland out to new names and new ideas, and all at the astonishingly unélitist price of 9d (4p) which was held throughout the five years of its existence."

Edwin Morgan, from 'Early Finlay' in Crossing the Border: Essays on Scottish Literature (Carcanet, 1990).


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Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. No.24


"Concrete Poetry at the Brighton ('67) Festival: a record in photographs by Graham Keen (England)"

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Date: 1967

Author: Various

Publisher: Wild Hawthorn Press


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