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Grafts / Takes by Edwin Morgan


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This book has two 'front' covers, each a portrait of Edwin Morgan by Alasdair Gray (1934-).

The 'Grafts' side begins with the note:

"These poems are based on fragments from abandoned poems by Michael Schmidt. They grew round the fragments, which were kept intact but might appear in any part of the completed poem. There was no collaboration; I merely used the alien material as if the lines (as often happens) had suddenly floated into my head. E.M."

The 'Takes' side begins with the note:

"These poems were based on items of news in papers and magazines. They were written after the publication of Instamatic Poems (McKelvie, 1972), and may be taken as a supplement to that collection. E.M."

None of the poems from either half were included in Collected Poems (1990).

500 copies were printed: "26 clothbound copies lettered and signed by the poet" and "474 ordinary copies".

Mariscat Press was founded by Kevin McCarra and Hamish Whyte in 1982, and continues to be run by Whyte. Other Mariscat books and pamphlets by Morgan include Tales from Limerick Zoo (1988), Demon (1999) and Love and a Life (2003).



This book has two 'front' covers, each a portrait of Morgan by Alasdair Gray (1934-).



Date: 1984

Author: Edwin Morgan

Publisher: Glasgow: Mariscat Press


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