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Collected Translations by Edwin Morgan

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Collected Translations includes in full five previous books of translations: Poems from Eugenio Montale (University of Reading, 1959), Sovpoems (Migrant Press, 1961), Weöres: Selected Poems (Penguin, 1970), Fifty Renaissance Love Poems (Whiteknights Press, 1975) and Platen: Selected Poems (Castlelaw Press, 1978), as well as selections from Wi The Haill Voice: 25 Poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky translated into Scots (Carcanet, 1972), Rites of Passage: Selected Translations (Carcanet, 1976) and Sweeping out the Dark (Carcanet, 1994).

"In the course of six decades, one's ideas and ideals concerning translation are bound to fluctuate, and I have sometimes allowed myself more freedom than I wanted to claim in the Introduction to Rites of Passage, but I would still regard the general principle of being a good servant to the foreign poet, rather than thanking him very much and then going on to write a new poem of one's own, a sound and (with luck) productive approach."

Edwin Morgan, 'Preface'


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Collected Translations


Collected Translations includes in full five previous books of translations.

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Date: 1996

Author: Edwin Morgan

Publisher: Manchester: Carcanet


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