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Favourite Edwin Morgan poems

In the Scottish Poetry Library's ongoing search to discover Scotland's favourite Edwin Morgan poem, 'Strawberries' has received the most votes so far. But many other poems have been chosen, too… Here are just some of the hundreds of responses we've received so far. Why not join in?

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Readers say…

The Apple's Song

“I love it because it is so sexy!”

Rae, Ayr


“It's Morgan at his most deeply playful, turning even death itself into – almost – a joke”

David, Edinburgh

In the Snack Bar

“It's a beautifully simple summation of the human condition – heartbreaking in its small details. The poem never fails to move me, even after countless re-readings.”

Paula, Edinburgh


“So light, so deep, so hearteningly optimistic.”

Anne, Co Durham

The Loch Ness Monster's Song

“It's really strange and funny and it's a language he's made up.”

Michael, Glasgow

Message Clear

“Because the message becoming clear is a fantastic feeling of finally 'getting it'.”

John, London


“It makes me laugh, it makes me wince.”

Lizbeth, Highlands

One Cigarette

“It sums up everything I love and hate about smoking. It's a romantic poem but also a moving poem. Now, where's my cigarettes?”

Billy, Edinburgh


“The intensity. The sharing of a pleasure. The sweetness of the fruit and the love of the two people.”

Bill, Isle of Harris


“It's summer, it's passion, it's love – it's delicious.”

Mandy, Inverness

The Death of Marilyn Monroe

“It makes me sad, and I like to feel sad.”

Cynthia, Inverness


“It's so full of his rich humanity, his exuberance and hopefulness – it makes me want to laugh and cry and sing!”

Rosamund, Peebles