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For readers and writers

"Wit, freshness, enthusiasm, depth of feeling and playfulness."

Adult reader

These resources are suitable for adult reading and writing groups, and for individual use.

Resources for readers and writers

/The Edwin Morgan Archive | A guide for readers and writers
An introduction to the Archive for adult readers and creative writers

/Life | Seven Decades | Seven Decades | At Eighty
Edwin Morgan's 'Seven Decades' is an autobiographical poem – to 1990 at least, when he turned seventy. 'At Eighty', written ten years later, is less directly autobiographical, but reveals something of his mood a decade on.

/Now | Glasgow 5 March 1971
Edwin Morgan's 'instamatic poems' are "based upon actual things which have happened as reported in the newspapers or on television. I try to imagine somebody had been there with an instamatic camera, and quickly taken a photograph."